Monday, June 10, 2013

Exteen - Thai Blogging platform with 30 million monthly page views

January 2013

Today, Exteen, a Thai blogging platform  generates 30 million monthly pageviews with over 600,000 registered bloggers.

Exteen was founded in 2004. By the end of 2004, Exteen has registered over 1,000 active bloggers despite the founders running the site part-time from their college.

By 2007,  Exteen had 50,000 active bloggers generating over 10 million monthly pageviews. Through online advertising, Exteen could bring in more than $30,000 revenue a year

With 30 million pageviews a month, Exteen today generates more than $150,000 in revenue and remains profitable.

The name Exteen  means Extraordinary Teenagers.

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