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Diane Ravitch's Better Education Blog - 26 Million Cumulative Page Views

25 March 2016

26 million page views registered.
14,000 posts

 "The future belongs to those who cherish and love children, those who love and teach knowledge" - Diane Ravitch

Diane Ravitch's Better Education Blog - Registered 9 Million Cumulative  Page Views - 12 January 2014

Cards ,Crafts ,Kids Projects - Blogspot Blog - Million Page Views

Oracle in Action

Blog - Where The Smiles Have Been - Million Page Views - August 2015

Top ten posts of 2015


My name is Christine

A Brief History of WTSHB
Here’s a brief history of some highlights for WTSHB.  I always enjoying reading and learning about other people’s stories, so here’s mine.  It’s a little intimidating sharing some of this behind-the-scenes info, so please be kind. :)

May 12, 2014: First post published!
July 29, 2014: Google Analytics installed and page stats started being tracked.
August 17, 2014: Launched WTSHB’s Facebook page
September 2014: Joined Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates….WTSHB is monetized!
October 9, 2014: First guest post written, this one for Silhouette School.
December 8, 2014: Joined the monthly Silhouette Challenge group with my Red-Nosed Reindeer Photo Ornament Christmas Card, and have taken part every month since…it’s tons o’fun!
January 2015: First income payment received….WTSHB is making money!  Also joined several influencer networks.
March 5, 2015: MAKE Magazine featured my post on how to turn your handwriting into a font for free and gave me my best-ever day at the time: 10,216 pageviews!
March 30, 2015: First sponsored post and solo giveaway!
April 26, 2015: Became a host of the weekly Merry Monday link party (so join us each week starting Sunday nights!).
May 12, 2015: Celebrated my One-Year Blogiversary with an awesome giveaway!
May/June 2015: My Patriotic USA Door Hanger was featured by Good Housekeeping and Country Living (twice!)….and I finally felt a little validation as a “real” DIY blogger ;)
July 16, 2015: Another guest post in the books….this one for Melly Moments.
August 10, 2015: BEST DAY EVER….I was receiving super heavy traffic for a couple weeks and had 25,000 pageviews in ONE DAY
August 17, 2015: ***ONE MILLION PAGEVIEWS!***

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