Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 (Ten) Million Page Views Online Authors


We have presently 5.69 million page views  knol author. Certainly he will become a ten million knol author. He is getting 100,000 page views per week. This means he will get another 5 million in one year.

But what about others? How many more will reach such milestone? Will Johnson is now registering 65,000 page view per week. eHowknol is registering 30,000 per week. Narayana Rao is registering 35,000 per week. So presently Will Johnson is having a weekly rate giving him a good change of completing 5 million page views in a year's time.

But what is the record on other article platforms? has provided useful information on the topic (3.2.2011).

1. Saul Relative on Associate Content has close to 19 million page views.

2. Lance Winslow on Ezine has ten million.

3. R. Ann Siper Associated content has close to 22 million.

4. Crystal Ray on Associated content crossed 22 million.

5. Robert Dougherty on Associated content has 16 million.
Top 100 Authors on

So there are writers writing on article platforms and getting millions of page views. Many knol writers will also get such page views.

Links to authors pages and news items.

1.  Sunseven - 10 million pv Hubpages authors
2. Crystal Ray 20 million page views on Associated Content - 25th October 2010
3. R. Ann Siper,,  just short of 22 million page views on 20.2.2010, 21,999,717, 4096 articles.
4. Robert Dougherty,, 16,723,587,  5539 articles on 20.2.2010.
5. Saul Relative,  ,  19,138,338 pv, 4115 articles, on 20.2.2010.
6. Mitch Wilson - A blogger with one million page views per month and 400,000 visitors.
Started blogging in 2008. Writes that CPM advertising pays in the range of 20 cents to 15$ for 1000 impressions.
7. Matt Mullenweg, blogger, 10 million page views, July 2010,
8. one million pages in a month


10.4.2011  Authors and Page Views on

Crystal Ray   23,273,005

R. Ann Siper,,  just short 22,462,507

Saul Relative,  ,  19,664,346 pv,

Robert Dougherty,, 17,785,036

Timothy Sexton  8,919,868


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